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Thur 8 April - Mon 12 April 2004, Hilton Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.

Chronopolis News

Memberships now available at the door

Members can pre-register for free here to get your badge printed in advance

Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Bookings have now closed.
When: 7pm, Wednesday
7th April 2004
What: An informal dinner with some brief introductory speeches from Tim and some of the other guests.
Where: Tsunami, 18 Glyde St. Mosman Park
(Tsunami is fully licenced)
Book: Bookings are now closed. If you still wish to register you may be able to do so by e-mailing
Transport: How to get to Tsunami
Tsunami is easily accessible from Mosman Park train station
Inspired by: Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Market Day

Market day will be held on Saturday 10th April. Contact Russell B. Farr to secure a table.

Draft of Programme now online

A draft of the Chronopolis programme is now available here.

A description of the items is available here.

Members should email feedback on this list of items to

Please let us know if there are particular items on this list you do or don't like the sound of, and particularly let us know if there are items that you would like to offer your services as a panelist for.

Panel items for which we have volunteers are more likely to make it onto the program than great concepts with no names attached, so volunteer for items and suggest others who might be interested.

It is not too late to suggest new items, either.

A list of items from the Academic program is here

The academic program is fairly much set now, this list is offered just for information.

Guest of Honour: Tim Powers

The Chronopolis committee is proud to announce multiple award winning author Tim Powers as the Guest of Honour

Progress Reports available for download

Progress Report 1 can now be downloaded in either the normal or 'print-your-own' version.

Progress Report 2 can now be downloaded in either the normal or 'print-your-own' version.

Update your address information

People can now update their postal and e-mail address information here.

Program Item Suggestion Form now online!

If you want to suggest some of your fabulous program ideas for Chronopolis, you can do it here!


Postal Address: Swancon 2004: Chronopolis
PO Box g429
Perth, Western Australia 6841
E-mail Address:


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