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Swancon 2004: Chronopolis

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Academic and Expert Streams

Swancon is always, first and foremost, a celebration of science fiction and fantasy in all their diversity. In 2004, as part of this celebration, Swancon will have both Academic and Expert streams of programming. We seek academic papers and expert presentations that explore science fiction and fantasy from a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

As the name Chronopolis suggests, the theme of Swancon 29 is "Time". This may take many forms-such as examinations of the future, the past, alternate realities, or conceptions of time itself.

We are particularly interested in papers that address our theme. However, we will consider papers and presentations on any aspect of science fiction or fantasy, whether they examine prose, film, the internet, computer games, comics, science, history, theory, audience studies, or fandom. We also welcome submissions that are from disciplines outside the humanities, as long as the papers relate directly to science fiction or fantasy.

Although the initial date for submissions has closed you may contact Cathy directly.

Proposals should include: your name, institution, email address, snail mail address, the title of the paper, approximate presentation time required (either 20 or 45 minutes), and an abstract (approximately 300 words) in either Rich Text Format or MS Word format. Proposals should be either submitted by email, or posted, to Cathy Cupitt at:


Chronopolis: Swancon 29
GPO Box G429,
Perth, WA, 6841.


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