Item NameItem TypeDescriptionComments
Live action QuidditchEventYour chance to try playing quidditch, simulated by the marvel of something completely unlike high technology.
Alternative History Game ShowEventThe alternative history game show, with rules revised and updated from the version run at Swancon 2003
Small Press Launch eventEventSeveral small presses have things to launch. Several of them will be launching various fine things. Possibly with the aid of some sort of catapult.
The AuctionEventMany fine things are sold. Frequently in an entertaining manner.
Eddie TalksEventEddie Campbell talks about his experiences as writer, artist, collaborator and publisher in the comics industry. Learn about battles with the censors, and working with Alan Moore.
WASFF Business meetingEventWASFF business meeting and selection of the 2006 Swancon committee.
Swancon XXX LaunchEventNext years Swancon show us something to tempt us into attending next years convention.
Tim Powers Guest of Honour SpeechEventOur guest of honour speaks.
Shiny Hero vs Damaged HeroDiscussiondebate for and against, fans/guests
- authors / actors / film makers / book / media etc list of examples
- quotes excerpts of examples

DiversityDiscussion- communities, uses, types, beginnings and endings
- culture and impact
- familes and relationships including sexuality and lifestyle
- genderism
- spirituality
- examples of authors/books/films and makers/ actors / characters
- notable quotes and excerpts
- finding connection to others in diversity eg, vastly different
groups coming together for swancon, the con uniting and forging a common
bond? why do even those most used to standing out crave this? How is this
demonstrated in the writing and productions around us, what character
affinities do we share?

Online to Real Life RelationshipsDiscussion- can online relationships lead to something meaningful and lasting?
- expectations and disappointments
- safety issues
- guidelines for meeting someone
- notable stories both successful/non successful
- historical comparison (eg. arranged marriages, pen pals)

Know How to Tempt Your FanDiscussionWhat makes things interesting and memorable to fans?
- methods of learning
o audio
o visual
o kinesthetic
- ways to recognise different methods
- ways to use different methods
- importance in writing, panels, presentations, performance
- examples
- games

Horror for ChildrenDiscussionWhat is too scary for children? Do we underestimate the appeal of horror for
young audiences? From Grimms fairy tales through to Roald Dahl and the scarier elements of J.K. Rowling, it seems very popular with young readers, but is often regarded as unsuitable.

SF POST 9-11DiscussionHas the current global political climate reshaped the face of science fiction
and fantasy?

Other Peoples ToysDiscussionWriting fiction with other people's characters.
What are the benefits and problems? What are the risks, etc.

IN LOVECRAFT'S SHADOWDiscussionModern horror fiction inspired or derived from H.P. Lovecraft. What influence
has his fiction had? What makes Lovecraftian fiction work? The best and worst
texts, both in literature and films. Why all the odd pop culture appearances? Is he really that great?

Are Short Stories Out of Date?DiscussionDo we need short stories any more? Are they relevant to a modern audience? They're not really a part of popular culture any more. If the popular audience isn't reading them, why do we persist in writing them?
Are Setting Integral To Fiction?DiscussionHow important is the setting to speculative fiction? What difference does a change in place or time make? Authors who make good use of setting, and those to whom setting is irrelevant.
WEBLOGSDiscussionAn examination of the weblog phenomenon. Is it a fad, likely to last? A look at its potential use as a replacement for the fanzine of the 20th century. is it a form of publishing or a form of community?
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENTDiscussionIf we can genetically engineer the human race in the next few years, what should we be allowed to change? Can we choose our child's appearance? Intelligence? Gender? Sexual preference? Is removing down syndrome from the human genome a suspension of civil liberties - or genocide?
THE STATE OF SMALL PRESSDiscussionThere's quite a bit being made at the moment - is any of it *actually* selling? Or is that the wrong way to measure its success, and what is the right way?
Socialist SFDiscussionA discussion of the recent popularity of SF written by writers who are socialist or strongly aware of socialist philosophy, and , most of it coming from a Scottish/Northern England. Banks, Mieville, McLeod. Why is there such a movement, why hasn’t it happened before now, will it change the politics of science fiction?
In The Beginning: Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?DiscussionA perennially hated question by authors, but really, where DO they come from? Maybe authors just hate it because people want easy answers and don’t want to hear the real process?
ARE SUPERHEROES DEAD?DiscussionWe're twenty years past Watchmen. Is there anywhere left for the superhero to go? Also a look at current directions and trends, and maybe even a look at the transition of characters like Batman and Superman from pulp superheroes to popular mythology.
THE DEATH OF COMICSDiscussionOnce again we seem on the edge of a transition from magazine format 28 page comic books to 100+ page graphic novels. Will we finally make the change this time? Or is it the mid-80s all over again. What effect will the move from comics to GNs have on comic creation worldwide? Will certain genres or styles flourish or fail?
THE LORD OF THE RINGS: AUTOPSY OF A MOVIE TRILOGYDiscussionNow that all three films are out, we can have the definitive look at how they went, what changes were made, where they succeeded and failed, and the nature of adaptation from novel to film.
NEW DIRECTIONS IN ANIMEDiscussionNow that we've entered a time when one man can create an award-winning 30 minute OAV in his bedroom, what changes can we expect to see in anime in the near future? Could also take in the growing convergence between anime and the American market, new styles and booms in terms of look and genre, and the growing sophistication of the anime audience.
IS FANDOM RELEVANT ANY MORE?DiscussionNow that fandom is shifting further and further onto the internet, is organized fandom that we see in clubs and conventions becoming a thing of the past. Are we about to lose the old style of fandom, and - more importantly - is it actually a bad thing?
DOES COMEDY SF WORK?DiscussionHow do Adams and Pratchett make it work? Comedy SF is hard to do well, why do some manage it and some try so hard and fail?
IS GOOD SF TV POSSIBLE?DiscussionWhy has SF/F television failed to produce a series as well written as The West Wing, The Sopranos or Six Feet Under? Is Buffy actually as well written as its fans like to think? What is stopping the American TV industry from producing intelligent, well-scripted and characterised serial television? Is there something about the genre that prevents this?
THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FANSDiscussionWhy are we fans? What draws us to this subculture? A serious look at why the
fannish subculture is the way it is, and why being a neo-nazi cross-dressing nymphomaniac pagan witch would be theoretically more acceptable than hating Joss Whedon.

DESERT ISLAND DISCSDiscussionA panel of guests/authors discuss their favourite musical albums, including the three CDs they could take with them when deserted on a remote island with no hope of rescue.
WHAT MAKES GOOD ALTERNATIVE HISTORY?DiscussionWhat is a good alternative history?Is it plausibility? Dramatic value? High weirdness? And why are there always airships?
How to find a Secret HistoryDiscussionLurking just behind the “facts” we know is a much more secret and fascinating story. How do we uncover that secret version of events, and explain it so it seems plausible?
Gender in AnimeDiscussionGender is always a social construction to some degree, and in anime its not always constructed to the rules we know. From schoolgirls to hentai, why doesn’t it always work the way we expect?
History of AnimeDiscussionHow did anime get started? What is its history?
Forgotten MastersDiscussionThere are a lot of great authors that are little known. Panelists and the audience discuss their favourite little known cult authors. Avram Davidson, R.A. Lafferty, J.P. Martin, James Branch Cabell, Charles Williams - literary cults all.
Time Travel With Film/TVDiscussionTake a look how time travel was use as device for the plot of the film/tv- eg Time Tunnel, Quantum Leap, Time machine, Buck Rogers, episodes of Lost In space,Star Trek ete. Was
the device worth the trip.

Historical Aspect of the world of Rurouri KenshinDiscussion The panel will take a look at the period 1860's-1900's in Japanese history and to compare with the series, with its different themes that the series had set its self.
TV Reunion FilmsDiscussionEver since last episode of Gilligan's Island,
viewers wondered what ever happen to them? then it come, the reunion film to tell
at last after 15 years what happen when they were off the island-One of the highest rating TV Movie, which spark interest in other old series. Some were great and captured true essence of the series others did not. As the panellist goes through list which ones to really watch.

British sci-fi vs American sci-fiDiscussionWhat is the difference? Is one better than the other?
40 Years of James BondDiscussionLooking back at 20 films in 40 years of Bond, James Bond. Have in recent years have the producers lost contact with who is James Bond?
The Themes, the style, the music, these and many other questions will be answered.

Literature & Landscapes of the Past, Present and FutureDiscussionHow does landscape manifest in SF literature? How does a traditional Australian landscape (or traditional European) change how we react to work?
Real Person SlashDiscussionReal Person Slash. Come along and learn what a LOTRIP is. Is it wrong, or just transgressive? Are actors public representations really just another form of fictional persona? How do they feel about it?
Free Enterprise: Is Star Trek too American, or Anti-American?DiscussionIs Star Trek pro-capitalist, or a worker's paradise? Pro-military or conscientious objector? Or big enough to encompass all of these?
Special Effects vs character and plotDiscussionWhy does special effects override character and plot?
Now the Carnival is OverDiscussionSo, now Swancon is over, where do you find fandom the rest of the year?
Space Marine ChicDiscussionSomething to do with Space Marine fashion?
Literary NecrophiliaDiscussionExploiting the great works of dead authors. Is it ok if you are related to them?
Why is genre fiction all about the series?DiscussionWhy is genre fiction all about series? How long is too long? Is it reducing the demand for new work from publishers? Are single novel books penalised?
Creativity and Pain - Drawing on your resourcesDiscussionDo you have to suffer for your art? And how? And how do you deal with the practicalities? How do you make the muses talk to your pain and suffereing? Some show and tell from the panelists and the audience.
When is the Golden Age?DiscussionWhen was the Golden Age? Or is it yet to come? The past is all black plague now, and everyone knows the future is a Blade Runner and Soylent Green dystopia, so when is the Golden Age?
Where is the real political SF?DiscussionHow much SF is there that is actually about speculative politics, rather than propoganda in an SF medium? Has it made a difference to real world politics? How believable is it, and is that even the point?
If we can put a man on the moon....Discussion...why can ‘t we put a man on the moon? Why has the space race stopped racing? The first line of Forbidden Planet was “In the last years of the 21st century, men and women from the planet earth walked on the moon” - and in retrospect, was this overly optimistic? Are they all forbidden planets?
The Courtship Rituals of FandomDiscussionHow do you know if a fan is trying to pick you up? What should you do if they are?
A brief history of comics and sequential artDiscussionComics are a well established and defined medium currently, but thats just one step along the way. Using sequential art to tell a story has been with of for thousands of years - what were the important steps leading to the current situation?
Are we dinosaurs in a post-literate age?DiscussionAn average TV sitcom will get a larger audience than almost any book. is the book mostly spent as a cultural force, and are avid book readers followers of an art form on the way out? What is causing the book to lose its cultural place?
Australian ComicsDiscussionAustralian comics. What is available? What has happened in the past? Where can you get them? How can you be part of making them?
Do fans have mundane sex lives?DiscussionIs fandom haven for unorthodox lifestyles? Can you be too weird for fandom? What isn’t acceptable? What does fandom accept that is not acceptable in the broader community? What is the influence of the fiction we read? Is Heinlein responsible for the polyamory movement?
Weapons in Sci-fiDiscussionGuns, ammo, cutlasses in space and mono-filament whips. What is it about weapons is science fiction? Why are the guns so big? Why the prevalence of faux-medieval weaponry?
Telling a Narrative through ArtDiscussionOur professional guests shared some tricks of the trade, explaining how to get the nuances of the story across.
Evolution of the monster in filmDiscussionFilmic representations of monsters aren’t the same as the same monsters in literature. Why does film tend to particular ways of representing monsters? What is typical of the filmic monster?
Crossing Genre BoundariesDiscussionFrom SF and fantasy to mainstream literary fiction via historical adventure, westerns, crime fiction and Arthurian romance. The how, why, and really should you, of crossing genre boundaries for fun and profit.
SF Film NoirDiscussionWhen SF meets the darkest film genre, does it work?
A Tourist's Guide to SpecworldDiscussionA Presentation on the Speculative Dinosaur Project, a scientifically rigorous alternate earth where Dinos never became extinct, and familiar mammals are either non-existant or very strange.

Will include a history of similar projects, and lts of illustrations

Can the Future be predicted?DiscussionTo what extent CAN we predict the future? Chaos theory argues against it, and our track record isn’t great. Is futurism and prediction just a big con?
Is there a future for privacyDiscussionDoes privacy have a future? What sort of technologies are poised to take it away? What might be the social consequences? Is David Brin right when he suggests total lack of privacy will become the best case scenario?
The future of science fiction: is the future obsolete?DiscussionIs science fiction as a genre really still relevant in a world where technology moves so fast, or is it going to just become a branch of fantasy?
The future of computersDiscussionWhat is coming up? How realistic are wearables, implants, vr, etc?
time periodsDiscussionLooking for people to describe particular time periods.
The Mythological Significance of AlcoholDiscussionAlcohol is a major cultural force, with its own rituals and its own gods. Our guests have written about magical beer and wine, and the gods that bless them.
Representations of the DivineDiscussionDealing with gods in fiction. Gods can be characters, plot devices, forces of nature and symbolism incarnate. How do you represent the nature of the divine in fiction? What representations fail?
Web comicsDiscussionthe is a generic web-comics panel, the basis of it is to discuss web-comics in a general context, show some more of the memorable examples of the genre and discuss what people like. As well as discussiong what exactly is a web-comic, where others have failed and so on. one aim of this panel is for the panel to share their thoughts on some of the web-comics out there and how it is evolving as a medium.
Desert SongDiscussion...and so, most noble host, I found myself alone and lost in the desert.
I wondered, searching for a well or oasis, for a man may die of thirst before he even notices hunger. A day and a night passed, and another
day. I was ready to consign my soul to God when I saw a city in the distance. It burned with copper fire, ever turret and minaret of perfect
proportion. I thought such perfection must surely be an illusion, but when I reached the city gates they were solid and real, and not far beyond was a fountain of pure water.

I thanked God for my deliverance and drank from the well. When I turned away, I realised I could not see the city gates, though I had not moved
more than twenty paces inside. The city was perfect and deserted. The most beautiful city in the world was entirely unpopulated. I consoled
myself that I was alive, and that such enchantments cannot long hold one of the faithful, though still I glanced about with increasing fearfulness.

I finally came across a plaza that was not deserted, and the strangest part of my tale, most noble host, is yet to come.

A freeform inspired by the tales of the One Thousand and One Nights for
25 players. Allow 4 hours.

Adult Content PG Characterisation 5
Genre Knowledge N/A Seriousness 3
Alt-SpaceDiscussionA lot of space research these days is in the hands of small research groups, and the real space revolution is about getting things up cheap and may be on the verge of overtaking us. A detailed look at current efforts.
Writer and Artist Pas de DeuxDiscussionA writer working with an artist is like a pas de deux. But who leads?
Tolkiens PoetryDiscussionWas Tolkiens poetry really that bad? Reading and debate.
Will the Road go ever on and on? DiscussionWill the fanstasy doorstop era ever end? Is modern fantasy doomed to always be dominated by the 100,000+ word book that forms part of a series? Why does it have such a hold?
The Famous Person StoryDiscussionFictionalising the life of real people. What are the challenges compared to creating your own characters? What are the rewards? How do you fit a character into fiction, especially weird fiction, without bending them out of shape?
It takes a superhero to make it in the comics industryDiscussionGetting into the professional comics industry is hard, and staying in is impossible
Romance and SFDiscussionTwo genres that go together like,... ummm... two things that usually aren’t thought of together but that actually go quite nicely. Readers of either genre don’t seem to enthusiastic about the concept, but often embrace the reality.
Swancon History ProjectDiscussionThe progress of the Swancon history project.
Dr Who PanelDiscussionIts coming back! They’ll have something new to talk to about this year!
Doth Music maketh the film?DiscussionA discussion about film scores, and how a good score can heighten a film and help not just the mood by the storytelling.
Haiku challengeDiscussionThe results of the haiku challenge that has been running for the whole of the convention, including readings of the best (and possibly the worst)
Simon and Grant anticipate going to the MoviesDiscussionWhat is coming up in the world of movies, and what you should look forward to, and what we should fear.
Learning the Craft?DiscussionAre writers group, writers workshops, etc worthwhile?
Why are we still scared?DiscussionWhy does supernatural horror still scare modern readers?
The Man Kzin WarsDiscussionHal Colebatch talks about his writing in the Man Kzin wars series, based on the works of Larry Niven, and reads excerpts.
Research - how much and how?DiscussionHow much to do? How much is too much? How do you know if its not enough? What are the sources?
Is SF about now?DiscussionShould science fiction & fantasy be commentaries on today's social and political scene?
Panel Running for DummiesModerated Discussionwant to learn how to create program items for future conventions? Come along and get some tips from experienced programmers and panelists.- ask panel their opinion ? expand
- useful tips from panel veterans
- mock panels ? games and role playing
- presentation and entertainment
Everything that you ever wanted to know about running a conventionModerated DiscussionWhy do people run conventions ? What are the rewards ?
What basic skill sets do you need ? What are some tips and pitfalls ?
How do you get involved in running a convention ?
suggested representatives from Swancon 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004
Nerd Eye for the Mundane GuyModerated DiscussionOur fannish experts teach the mundane man how to become more fannish.

Questions of Aesthetics: Art or Crap?Moderated DiscussionWhat makes the difference between acclaimed art, and just plain stuff? Can even professional artists tell the difference? What does this say about our modern conception of art?
The reverse of the coin: turning graphic into narrativeModerated DiscussionProse inspired by art. We let our artists give our producers of prose a starting point and see what happens.
Slash: innocent fun or vile perversion?Moderated DiscussionShould slash be the fandom that dare not show its face in public, or is it all just a bit of fun? Or is it vile fun, or even innocent perversion? Is it the sex, or the copyright infringement we should be worried about? A chance for slash to justify itself to its critics, and a chance for its critics to condemn it. Possibly a formal debate, in which case topic will be either "Slash is only innocent fun" or "Slash is a vile perversion."
Evil filmsPresentationA presentation about films you really shouldn’t watch.
Blade Attraction in Sci-fi / FantasyPresentation- different weapons east/west
- history of creation and use
- culture of blade/weapon
- code of practice (eg. Code of Bushido)
- demonstration / basic hands on

Tim Burton: A retrospectivePresentationA film-by-film look at Tim Burton's films, his
influences and his style as writer, director and producer.

Tribute to Peter CushingPresentationTaking a look some of his highlights in his long career in films and on television from Winston Smith BBCs 1984 (1954), Victor Frankenstein,Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes to Star Wars. Peter Cushing has always been a gentleman of British screen.
H.G. Wells- the traveller of TimePresentationA presentation about the life of H.G. Wells and the way he forms his stories.
Planet of the ApresPresentationTake a look at the planet of the apes in different forms.
Collecting Childhood MemoriesPresentationWhat did we grow up with, how did we end up involved with Science Fiction fantasy and horror?
Blakes 7 after 25 Years.PresentationAfter 25 years looking back at the Terry Nation created BBC space opera.
Digging up the PastPresentation

Where is animation heading?PresentationWhere is the commercial animation market going? Will it all be CGI? Will there be any large 2d cel animation studios? Will Disney continue to be a major force?
Where are all the great cartoon seriesPresentation Take a look at older cartoons series, were they any good? And Todays
Cartoon will they be great

Fantasy FoodPresentationLooking at food as a fantasy art form - fairy castles, dragon cakes, gingerbread houses, a range of others. Look at techniques and materials, a how-to-get-started combined with this-is-what's-out-there. Also perhaps looking at opportunities to show off such creations, such as construct-your-own-dessert parties and how to run one. This panel would of course have pieces brought along for demonstration.
Fact or Fiction: Mixing imagination with life experiences in writing for the science market.PresentationJohn Long talks about his books, both fiction and non-fiction, and how he integrates writing from life experience with writing from imagination for the science market.


Comics WorkshopWorkshopAspiring comics artists and writers can improve their skills.
Manga Drawing workshopWorkshopAnother drawing workshop, this time to hone your skills specificlaly at manga style art.
History of HennaWorkshopHenna has been used for thousands of years to decorate the body, for religious and recreational purposes. Its not quite Scfi, but heaps of fun, and a great way to get to know people.
I can do most any designs, or you can make your own and they'll last about 2 weeks.

Web Comics WorkshopWorkshopHow to start a webcomic, the main idea is to offer hints to people wishing to start a web-comic or to those that may already have a webcomic and want a few ideas about how things can be done differently. It would work though the basics like design, web-sites, hosting, attracting traffic, development, possible directions and so on.
Instant FanzineWorkshopEnthusiastic fans create a fanzine before your very eyes, to be distributed before the end of the con.
As Others See Us...WorkshopDoes Fandom have an image problem? And if so, what can we - and should we? - do about it?

Representations of fandom in the media are not exactly flattering. Looks at Bimbos of the Death Sun, Galaxy Quest; shows such as GBH, CIS, and Red Dwarf; news reports, etc.

Pritchard PlayPerformanceA live enactment of one of Kathleen Pritchards plays
Time in the medieval periodPerformanceHow was time understood and represented in an earlier era?
Swancon IdolPerformanceSwancon members display their vocal talents.

An Evening With EdgarReadinga collection of classic edgar allen poe readings read by various individuals vith pleasing to the ear voices.
Real Person Slash ReadingReadingLocal Real person slash authors and fans read some RPS.adults only panel
The Crazy (?) World of Phillip K. DickReadingPhillip K. Dick was a peculiar but extraordinary man who wrote peculiar but extraordinary books. Learn about his writing, and why it is so astonishing that his work keeps being turned into Hollywood movies. Is he as crazy as he is painted?
If I ran the Zoo ConGameA game about the tradeoffs you make in running a convention, created by Worldcon veterans and published by the New England Science Fiction Association. Compete to run a convention, and see if your plans stand up to the sort of disasters that beset real conventions.
Kobold - The CharadesGameAn extraordinarily silly free form roleplaying experience.
Ironbrain Eye of ArgonGameIts simple. Try to read the Eye of Argon, famed as the worst fantasy novel ever, aloud without laughing. What could be easier?
Hackmaster 101GameAn introduction to the wide world of HackMaster, an rpg inspired by the Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip, and based off the 1st & 2nd Ed Dungeons and Dragons games. It blends an excellent combination of role-playing and roll-playing, because where else can you play a half-ogre fighter with a lisp and is clingy, or a half-elf bard that's tone deaf. This is not a game to take 100% seriously.