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What is Swancon?

Swancon is an annual convention that has been held in Perth for the past twenty-nine years. It is the only annual generalist science fiction convention (as opposed to specialist conventions, like Dr Who, or Star Trek conventions) currently held in Australia. Because of this, it caters to many different interests groups and has a very broad support base. Whether you enjoy Fantasy or Science Fiction, or are a fan of a particular movie, television show, book, graphic novel, game or any other media. Swancons typically include events like
Prizes are awarded for categories such as best costume or best performance
Gaming includes all sorts of games ranging from board games like Rail Baron, roleplaying games such as WarHammer, card games and others. There is both informal gaming and formal competitions with prizes and awards.
Video Stream
Videos of fan favourites like Doctor Who and assorted Anime titles amongst many others run throughout the convention
Discussion panels and presentations on a wide variety of topics with guests, local experts and enthusiasts.
Academic Stream
Academic papers on various topics related to Fantasy and Science Fiction presented by local, interstate and overseas academics.
Merchandise, books, clothing, artwork and more for fans, by fans.
Readings and presentations
by national and international guests
Personal roleplaying where you assume a character and interact with other players as you attempt to achieve your objectives (somewhat like 'How to Host a Murder')
... and much more.
If you would like to come along to experience a Swancon, even if you've never been to one before, there are often introductory panels to help break the ice and help you feel more at home at Swancon. Swancon is run by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF)


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